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Report: Brett Hundley UCLA bound?

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Washington target Brett Hundley cancelled his trip to Montlake this weekend and reports are surfacing indicating that Hundley may choose UCLA when he announces his decision on Sept. 6. Hundley’s choice to not fly up to Washington has some analysts wondering if he’s seen all he needs to see after visiting the Bruins last week.

A report from the OC Register tries to piece together Hundley’s recruitment and get a read on where he may end up.

In that same interview, Hundley also said the deciding factor would be where he felt most comfortable. Biggins caught up with Hundley again after he cancelled his Washington trip and the four-star prospect said, "I said when I got that feeling about a school, that’s when I would know I was ready, and that’s exactly how it happened."

Putting two and two together sure makes it seem as though the trip to Westwood sealed the deal for Hundley. When combined with analyst Brandon Huffman’s assessment that the Bruins are “in a good place” with Hundley, it looks as though the star quarterback may have gotten away from the Huskies.

As with any recruitment, it’s a guessing game for analysts until a decision is made. For now, Husky fans are left to wait and hope to hear their names called when Hundley reveals his choice to the world.

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