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Steve Sarkisian Sees Jake Locker As The Next Carson Palmer

In 2002, USC quarterback Carson Palmer won the Heisman Trophy. Eight years later, one of Palmer’s coaches is overseeing the development of Jake Locker, who has been variously touted as a Heisman favorite and the No. 1 professional prospect in the country.

That coach, of course, is UW head coach Steve Sarkisian, who recently told Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times about the similarities between Locker and Palmer in terms of early-career adversity that both faced.

“They both came in with high expectations and were kind of savior-like guys,” Sarkisian said. “They both struggled through injury and a little bit of mediocrity throughout their career.”

Sarkisian said the immediate goals for each were also similar.

“That first year we got them, I think as much as they were maybe a little banged-up physically, mentally they were a little fragile as well,” Sarkisian said. “And part of the process for both of those guys was not only to develop a scheme around them and get the players playing well around them and fine-tuning their mechanics, but building them up mentally and getting them back to believing in themselves and the type of player that they are capable of being.”

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