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UW Football Recruiting: With Kasen Williams On Board, Is Brett Hundley Next?

With Kasen Williams making a verbal commitment to Washington Friday, is Chandler, Arizona quarterback Brett Hundley next? In Williams and tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins, the Huskies have two talented weapons that any quarterback would love to throw to. Husky fans now turn their attention to who that quarterback may be.

Hundley was reportedly making the trip up to Montlake this weekend before cancelling it at the last minute. The Arizona quarterback had his first game of the year Friday and trekking up to Washington for only a day on campus may not have been too enticing. In conjunction with the cancelled trip, Hundley also announced on his Facebook page that he'd be announcing his college decision on Sept. 6th.

Seattle Times Husky beat reporter Bob Condotta addressed the rumors this weekend.

I know there's lots of conjecture on here about Brett Hundley and his Facebook announcement that he will make his choice of college known on Sept. 6. I don't have anything more to add to it. Hundley has said it's either UW or UCLA, and while he was expected to make a trip to UW this weekend and didn't, he's been up here twice. We'll see where it leads.

Hundley has apparently made up his mind and will reveal it to the world in a weeks time. Where he goes is anyone's guess at this point, though Hundley took a visit to UCLA last weekend and according to recruiting analyst Brandon Huffman, the Bruins are in a good place with him. New Husky Kasen Williams is also putting on the full-court press.

Hundley, Williams, and Sefarian-Jenkins would give the Huskies a trio of talented skill position players on offense. With Seferian-Jenkins getting the ball rolling, Williams and Hundley may continue the avalache of high-caliber commits and jumpstart the Huskies' 2011 recruiting class.

Husky fans are keeping their fingers crossed for Sept. 6th, hoping that their prized QB target joins Williams and Seferian-Jenkins.

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