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Seattle Sounders at Metapán--Second Leg of CONCACAF Champions League

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In tonight's CCL match, taking place in San Salvador, a goal for the Sounders essentially allows them to advance to the group stages of the CONCACAF Champions League. Unless, of course, Metapán manage to score two goals for every Sounders one. That's right, boys and girls, away goals matter--and if we finish 90 minutes tonight with a scoreline of 2-1 in Metapán's favor, Seattle still goes through to the group stages. That's why it was so crucial to keep a clean sheet in last week's match.

Sounders starters: Keller, Riley, Ianni, Marshall, Gonzalez, Nyassi, Alonso, Sturgis, Zakuani, Levesque, Montero.

Sounders subs: Boss, Graham, Scott, Wahl, Fernandez, Seamon, Jaqua.

Courtesy of Sounders FC Communications.

Gamethread chatter can be found on Sounder at Heart.

Game updates will come through this stream.