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Halftime Report: Metapán 1-0 Seattle

The good news is that the Sounders have had many more chances in the second half of the first half. The bad news is that the pitch appears to be making those chances go all over the field.

Cards are even—Sanna Nyassi has one, Noresto Aquino has one.

Metapán is playing just as dirty as they were last week. However, it is electricity—the neon yellow highlighter kits the Sounders wear—that are picking up the dirt.

Should the Sounders fail to score in the second half, and Metapán fails to score again, the match will go into extra time. Should Metapán score (without a Sounders score), they will go through to the group stages. Finally, if Metapán do not score again and the Sounders do score, Sounders go through.

Yeah, my head is a bit twisted, too.