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Are Huskies Fans Expecting Too Much?

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There is a ton of optimism surrounding the Washington Huskies. And there should be. But what is optimism and what is a realistic projection for the season to come?


The Huskies finished 5-7 last season. That is a notable improvement over 0-12, but it’s a losing record and a losing record is totally unacceptable for any team that expects to contend at the collegiate level. Factor in 2007 and Washington has been 9-28 over the last three seasons. There is a lot to overcome to even finish .500.


According to FEI and S&P, Washington was either average or a little below. The Huskies ranked 58 in FEI and 74 in S&P. By either measure, they only ranked ahead of two other Pac-10 teams: Arizona State and Washington State.


Washington is improving. Steve Sarkisian is a breath of fresh air after the well-meaning failure of Tyrone Willingham. Jake Locker is a draft darling. But the hopes of fans improve faster than the talent of programs. After 2008, every win was a blessing in 2009. The huge upset over USC made the season. I am afraid for some UW fans, that patience and appreciation is already spent and expectations of contention are beginning. Let’s get above .500 first.