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Seahawks Postgame Video: Earl Thomas 86-Yard Interception Return

The highlight of the night in last night's Seahawks-Vikings game in Minnesota was Earl Thomas intercepting Brett Favre and outrunning the defense for an 86-yard touchdown.

You can check out the video on the official Seahawks site here. (H/T to Vasilii at FieldGulls)

Thomas showed flashes of why he was the Seahawks 14th pick in the 2010 draft. The rookie out of Texas took the tipped ball on a slant route with a head of steam, leaving the defense with no chance to catch him.

The Seahawks will cut their roster down to the NFL-mandated 75 by tomorrow before taking the field for their final preaseason game Thursday at the Oakland Raiders. Then they'll cut down to 53 for the regular season.

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