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Is Portland's Kyle Wiltjer The Most Skilled Power Forward In The Class Of 2011?

ESPN ranks Jesuit (OR) High School’s Kyle Wiltjer as its No. 32 prospect in the class of 2011 and ranks him a 96 on a scale of 1-100. Really, they can’t stop raving about him.

May be the most skilled power forward in the class. He can score from anywhere on the floor and is a match up nightmare. He can pass and handle the ball as well. Needs to attempt to improve his foot speed and quickness and add strength but this young man can flat out make plays on the offensive end of the floor against anyone in the high school ranks. We consider him a cross between Keith Van Horn and Kevin McHale.

ESPN also really highlights what we feel is the strongest aspect of Wiltjer’s game, his versatility with the ball in his hands.

Wiltjer’s back to the basket footwork, moves and touch are a thing of beauty. He can also knock the three in transition by running the floor, trailing or from a pick and pop situation. He understands the value of ball fakes to move the defense and he works for low post position after he screens and seals his defender. Wiltjer is an excellent passer as well out of the post and under pressure on the perimeter.

It’s still a little unclear how Wiltjer will translate to the professional level, where he will be at a significant deficit when it comes to athleticism and quickness. But he’s tailor-made for the college game and is the type of player and person who could make a serious four-year impact on a program.

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