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Kasen Williams Commitment: Husky Faithful React With Jubilation

That collective scream of happiness you heard around 7 PM tonight was Husky Nation reacting to the news that Kasen Williams was staying home, planning to suit up for the Dawgs in 2011. The decision was met with excitement and optimism from Washington fans, many of whom took to Twitter and Facebook to express their happiness.

Over at SB Nation's UWDawgPound, John Berkowitz is excited at the thought of seeing Williams in purple and gold

Williams is going to be a real bruiser when he catches the ball. He has the ability to break tackles and carry people with him in the same manner as Chris Polk. Unlike Chris he will be doing that one on one in the secondary. We are talking about a kid who has big play potential.

The Husky recruiting class is shaping up to be a big one, with Williams and top 5 tight end Austin Safarian-Jenkins pledging to UW this month. The two will make their commitments official on signing day in February.