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Kasen Williams Takes The Field For A Pre-Announcement Scrimmage

What better way for Kasen Williams to prepare for his college commitment announcement than scimmaging with the Skyline football team in Sammamish? Before the festivities kick-off at 7, the defending state champion Spartans hit the field in front of a crowd that is no doubt energized by the impending announcement.

Seattle Times reporter Mason Kelly will be there and has gives a bit of insight into Williams' character.

It was important for him to make the decision in front of his Skyline teammates, with all of the players in the junior football program looking on, so he picked out the date where the Spartans' football family would be able to attend.

"I’ve been in the program," Williams said. "I was in the same position as these youth kids and I wanted to give my appreciation back and just show them that one day I was in your shoes and one day you’ll be in mine.

Sounds like whoever lands Williams will be getting a great person, both on and off the field.

Williams and the Spartans will scrimmage in preparation for the regular season before heading in for a preseason tailgate at Skyline. There should be little suspense for Williams, who's made up his mind and is ready to tell the throngs of fans waiting on his every word. Stay tuned for updates as he finally announces his college choice.

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