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Leon Washington Healthy, Ready To Return To 2009 Form

Poised for a breakout season in 2009, former New York Jets running back Leon Washington suffered a gruesome injury in week 6, compound fracturing his leg against the Buffalo Bills. A year later, Washington is back in action, moving from the Jets to the Seahawks in a draft day trade.

According to the Seattle PI, the speedster is back at full strength again, looking to make an impression while competing for the Seahawks’ starting running back job.

“It was good to go out in a game and get tackled,” he said. "I hadn’t been tackled in a while, so it was nice to get those jitters out and think, ‘OK, I’m fine. I can do this thing again.’

“I got tackled, I was jumping over guys, I felt sore after the game. So that’s a good feeling. All those things and just getting back on the field really, really made me appreciate how much I love this job.”

Washington will get the start this week, and with it a chance to earn more carries as the Seahawks head toward the regular season. With three running backs vying for the bulk of the carries, the opportunity for Washington is ripe for the taking.

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