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Where Are Your Favorite Places To Eat On Campus?

New, 13 comments Pac-10 blogger Ted Miller recently solicited reader feedback on the best places to eat in each city in the conference, and he kicked off what he found -- which was a lot, by the way -- by looking at Washington State yesterday and Washington today.

Having grown up in the Seattle area -- as a Husky fan, no less; let's just get that dirty little secret out of the way now -- before heading off to Pullman, I've spent a ton of time on both campuses and can attest to much of both lists his readers came up with.

But my favorites?

Even as I've gotten older, my favorite place to eat near the UW campus always has been and always will be Dick's Drive-In on 45th. Miller said he never completely "got" Dick's, saying Kidd Valley is better. Pshaw. Dick's 45 is the one place I always make sure to stop when going to the U District to watch the Cougars. Deluxe, fries and chocolate shake, please. Never fails to be amazing.

Pullman's tougher because, after living in that small town for four years, I tried just about every place on his list. (Which, incidentally, includes pretty much every restaurant in Pullman. How about trimming it down a little, people? Pullman doesn't have that much great food.) But if I had to pick my favorites -- the ones I would recommend to out-of-towners -- I'd have to go with Sella's and The Old European.

Sella's has the best calzones around. How special can a calzone be? I actually asked myself that before the last time I ate there, because it had been really a long time. Then I ate one. And I remembered. The Old European is THE place to eat breakfast. Forget about Denny's; go to The Old European for fresh-squeezed orange juice and crepes on your way out of town on Sunday. Just make sure you get there early, or you'll be waiting an hour.

After looking at Miller's lists, what are your favorites? And UW people, try to actually pick some places that are actually in the realm of campus. Duke's Chowder House on Lake Union -- however amazing the chowder, to which I can attest -- made Miller's list, but does not count here. Sorry.

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