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FSC Have Once Again Shown Complete Disregard For Soccer Supporters

The most popular soccer channel in the United States have failed once again—this is twice in three matches in which Sounders fans, and CONCACAF fans in general, have been denied the opportunity to watch a game live. However, FSC continues to display the “live” logo at the top of the screen, even when the match is more than 15 minutes behind.

I understand that the Cruz Azul-Real Salt Lake game went long due to the giant lake in the middle of the pitch. But there is no reason, none whatsoever, to insist upon showing a post-game show, and a pre-game of Seattle. Show a little clip that says “We join this program in progress” and give us the game on time.

Until then, I will be watching real-live on Telefutura. If you don’t have it, catch the action live, for free, on