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Report: Seahawks Defensive End Nick Reed Has Knee Scoped

Greg Johns of the Seattle P-I reports on Twitter that Seattle Seahawks defensive end Nick Reed had his knee scoped today.

Seahawks defensive end Nick Reed had arthroscopic surgery to clean up knee today, will be out a few weeks.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck


Earlier this week, Johns noted that the team's trade of Lawrence Jackson to Detroit would require greater contributions from Chris Clemons and Reed.  Reed, he wrote at the time, saw changes in defensive strategy and personnel favoring his position.

The defensive change will be a great opportunity for this entire defense, but more specifically I'm excited about it because I think it'll afford me to get in there and do what I do best and rush," Reed said. "The guys we went out to get and the defense we formed up, even from the beginning before we installed anything, it looked like it would be helpful for me. And it worked out."

Reed says he's infinitely more comfortable this camp in his second go-round, even with a new coaching staff, just having gone through the experience last year.

But he's not going to get too comfy. In his mind, he's always going to be the seventh-round draft pick fighting the odds, even if the team just traded away its former first-round draft pick at his very own position.

"It's kind of just the profession," he said of Jackson's departure. "You've got to stay on top. No job is secure."

How has that been working out?  Well, according to SB Nation's John Morgan, Reed was impacting air as much as he was impacting plays during Saturday's preseason game.

Play action right, boot motion left; Jermichael Finley bumps Nick Reed and loses him by pulling towards the left flat. Reed is caught in the backfield chasing a ghost.

Check back here for the latest updates on Reed's health.

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