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Wroten: 'Rankings Don't Mean Nothing'

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Roughly one hour after ranked Tony Wroten Jr.the No. 27 player in its Class of 2011 Top 100, Wroten turned to Twiter to deemphasize the importance of rankings.

Bro bro. Don't even trip. Rankings don't mean nothing cu oce u geto college all that rankings stuff disappears. Tha ... than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter


Wroten is a tremendous player. Based on his talent and resume, he should be a top 15 player in the country at the very least.  But Wroten has become somewhat polarizing for his blunt honesty throughout the recruiting process. Fairly or not, his brashness -- some would say cockiness -- has earned him a reputation as something of a head case, which no doubt contributed to his placement on the list.

In the end, Wroten is correct. All that matters is finding the right college program and coach who appreciates his skill set. He should have no shortage of suitors during his senior year at Seattle's Garfield High.