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Peter King: 'Seattle Has To Be Nervous' About Russell Okung

Sports Illustrated’s Peter King takes a break from complaining about his semi-luxurious life of travel to signal an alarm in Seattle over the recent ankle injury to top draft pick Russell Okung.

I think Seattle has to be nervous, or worse, about losing left tackle Russell Okung to an ankle sprain Saturday night. Not only was left tackle the Seahawks’ position of biggest need entering this season, but also Seattle is frightfully thin there —the immortal Mansfield Wrotto took Okung’s spot when he went down against Green Bay. Seattle now may face the prospect of moving Sean Locklear back to the left side.

The Seahawks said it was a two-to-four-week injury on Sunday, which means there’s a good chance he’ll be ready for the opener. Not to overplay a first game of a season, but Seahawks host San Francisco in Week 1. To have much of a chance to win your division, that’s the kind of game you have to win, which makes the recovery of the centerpiece of your rebuilding efforts to protect Matt Hasselbeck pretty important.

It’s probably too early to really worry about Okung’s availability for the opener but King’s analysis is worth tucking away in the “let’s procrastinate in worrying about this” lobe of your brain.

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