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Seahawks Vs. Packers Post-Game Analysis: Winners And Losers

John Morgan of SB Nation’s Field Gulls breaks down all the winners and losers from Saturday’s preseason exhibition game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers.

Morgan says things looked very good for Seattle’s offense.

Big Winners

Matt Hasselbeck: The results speak for themselves, but the foundation of those results: stepping into throws, mid-range zip, comfort within the system, are what Seahawks fans have waited to see.

Jon Ryan: I have no idea how repeatable pinning a punt within the 20 is, but that’s three for Ryan. Also, same old boom and so far no big returns.

Marcus Trufant: Trufant is a great cover corner and he’s developed ability as a run stuffer as he’s aged. He looked agile, tough and, more than anything, himself.

Mike Williams: Williams received for fewer total yards than in week one, but he did it through regular separation. Four receptions is encouraging. Continued good work as a route runner is encouraging. Catching it along the sideline is flashing the concentration and athleticism that once made him special.