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Seahawks Sign Gregg Peat

Gregg Peat started 27 games to finish out his Oregon State career. He was an Academic All-American and double majored in accounting and finance. It’s transactions like this that make me think that strains of the Tim Ruskell model are still persistent within the Seahawks organization.


Tod Leiweke hired Tim Ruskell and Kevin Pritchard. Both general managers imposed higher standards for character and conduct. The Blazers became fan friendly and respectable. The Seahawks developed a reputation as being almost too nice.


Neither general manager was able to put together a winner. Both suffered seasons undermined through injury. And both general managers were eventually fired.


Peat seems like a good kid. He has the profile of a zone-blocking lineman and the demeanor of a good kid to have in camp, and, if everything goes as planned, this is probably the last time we will mention his name.