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Fredy Montero Flattened Yet Chivas Goalkeeper Hurts? All Nil At Halftime.

Fredy Montero was positively flattened by Zach Thornton, the keeper of Chivas USA. Montero flew through the air and flopped around like a beached fish, which was really no surprise considering the fact that Thornton appears to be at least twice his size.

While Montero looked around dazedly and wondered why he could see seven fingers on one hand, Thornton sat on the pitch and looked confused. Turned out he managed to knock out his contacts while plowing into Fredy. Hilarious.

Although the cleanup of the injury mess took six minutes, only three minutes were added to the half. Well done on the refereeing.

The score remains 0-0 at the half. Fredy Montero seemed to be making it around the pitch alright, but we may see him pulled off early. Sigi Schmid said Fernandez was likely to go only 60 minutes.