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The cake is Justin Smoak

Boil it down, this deal is Cliff Lee for Justin Smoak and some other guys we will think too much about, care too much about and joke at some later time about how much we thought and cared about chimo Adam Morrison. Smoak is a major league player, so information is abundant, but hey! that will not stop me from compiling it.

Birthdate: December 5, 1986.
Position: First base.
Bats: Switch hitter.
Drafted: 11th overall in 2008.
MiLB Scouting Report: Les sexy.
2008: .304/.355/.518
2009: .290/.410/.443(over three levels)

Smoak broke in this season, but has struggled: .209/.316/.353

He is thought of as a good defender, a good athlete if slow and a good bet to add power as he matures. Now, can his talent cut glass at the major league level?