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Biggest Busts In Seattle History

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Sounds like a topic for a top five list, but one I don’t relish writing. Villains are, in their own way, fun to hate. Busts are disappointing and little else. Even hating a bust feels dirty. It’s not like they meant us harm. It’s not like they waged a war of publicity a la Brian Bosworth and invited scorn and retribution. I still smart thinking of Space Needle and Space Needle never rose above intriguing minor leaguer.


So, if I were to, say, repurpose your opinions at some later date, steal all your ideas and write some dolorous claptrap deep in the winter months that seizes on broken ambitions and bad weather, who would you say are Seattle’s greatest busts?


And don’t say Aaron Curry or I shall sharpen my distal phalanx and deprive you of an eye.