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Is Regional Fandom Wrong?

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I am a Huskies fan, but maybe not in the most meaningful way. My love of the Huskies peaked at a much younger age when my time was abundant and watching a game or highlights or tracking down a newspaper article was only pulling time from, like, egging a house or using the rope swing. And by Huskies, I mostly mean Huskies football.


This year I am attempting to rekindle my love for the team. Looking at that pursuit from afar, seeing the fall ahead of me and considering cable and whether it’s worth it*, I realize if I decide on this, I probably won’t just follow the Huskies. I will follow the Cougars and Bulldogs too. I will probably follow the Beavers and Ducks. I will follow the Pacific Northwest and root for the Pacific Northwest and when fellow teams I root for clash, I will just root for the team with more to gain. I do not reflexively root for the underdog. I rather dislike underdogs that do little more than spoil.


I wonder, is this an unethical pursuit? Can one cheer for both the Huskies and Cougars though they are rivals? I couldn’t imagine rooting for another NFL team or another MLB team, but the NCAA D-1 Football Bowl Subdivision has four-times as many teams and for most teams, every team minus the superpowers, the season is not likely to end in meaningful postseason play. I think it would be a very desperate and boring pastime to root only for the Cougars, for instance. And rooting exclusively for the Huskies has taxed my fandom. Am I traitorous whore only out for cheap thrills?