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Halftime Show With Kirsten

For the first 35 minutes, the Galaxy absolutely hammered the Sounders, and it felt as though Seattle couldn’t get into the LA half. For the last ten minutes, Seattle found a way to grab a bit of the possession, an the game hasn’t felt quite as hopeless.

Still, this match has not been pleasant for a Sounders fan. The players almost appear as though they have no idea what their next move should be, and much of the time the defense resorts to simply booting the ball up the pitch. The midfield has been nearly absent. Pat Noonan, for some unfathomable reason, is playing forward. He has whiffed two chances on the ball.

The bright spot of the first forty-five minutes has been the play of Fredy Montero, who has been both doubling back to help in defense and showing some beautiful, intelligent footwork. The problem is that he’s rarely had a chance to play with the ball.

It’s time to remove Noonan and put in Jaqua, and I’d also say take off Vagenas and put in Seamon.