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Even With The Best Start In Seattle Sports History, The Storm Might Still Be Peaking

More on last night’s game from SBN’s Swish Appeal: while the Storm are off to the best start in Seattle sports history, they might also still be peaking.

The Storm were so fluid offensively and strategically disruptive on defense, that it's tempting to claim that their second quarter last night was their best quarter of the season. That would actually be untrue -- setting aside presentism, their best quarter of the season is still by far and away the 37-13 third quarter at home against the Phoenix Mercury on June 6th in what ended up being a three quarter rout. In fact, the fourth quarter that capped an improbable comeback against the Mercury on Tuesday night was arguably better than their second quarter last night.

But that leads to a fun fact for Storm fans to revel in when putting the Storm's most recent home stand in perspective -- the combined performance of their second half against the Mercury on Tuesday and last night's first half against the Sky was by far the best four consecutive quarters of basketball the Storm have put together all season. Although that goes beyond scoring output, they outscored their opponents 108 - 60 during that stretch. Neither 18 point deficits nor improved second halves matter when they're beating down opponents like that.

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