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Sean Morey Retires

Seattle signed special teams ace Sean Morey over the off-season. Morey has played 107 games in the last seven seasons. That is an impressive run for a special teams gunner. It ended today, on the first day of training camp, when Sean Morey announced his retirement.

The Seahawks signed him in the off-season attempting to improve a perceived weakness. The signing was somewhat controversial. The major points of contention were: Would Morey continue to excel at a speed-dependent position? Would retaining Morey displace another younger, perhaps superior talent like Ben Obomanu? Would signing an unrestricted free agent cost the Seahawks a compensatory pick?

Well, that is all irrelevant now. I'm always happy when a player retires from the NFL on their own terms. It's a beautiful game but a brutal competition, and Morey can look forward to a life without regular brain trauma, or the constantly looming threat of breaking bones, popping ligaments or dislocating joints. Enjoy retirement, Sean. We hardly knew you.