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Seattle Mariners At The Trade Deadline

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So, you might not know this, I had forgotten this, but the deadline for non-waiver trades in Major League Baseball is tomorrow, July 31. I am little foggy about whether the Mariners are buyers or sellers. Maybe they're in a holding pattern. Is Cliff Lee still around? I have so much hope for this season, and when we scream into the post-season, Seattle's two aces are going to dom-mo-nate.


At this point, Seattle would exchange half its roster for a plate of prairie oysters.

On to the links:

I am not sure if this is whimsical or just sad, but anything with 11.5 portraits of Stephen Penney is ...I have no ending for that.

USS Mariner provides an interesting twist: Mariners have so little to offer, Seattle should have no trouble trading after July 31.

Larry LaRue let's us know that Jack is fielding calls, but Seattle is receiving little back in offer (and zombiehooliganfc fuels my growing hatred for anyone that prefaces a comment with "really?")