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Seahawks Training Camp: Don't Count Out Jamar Adams

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This preseason could be Jamar Adams' best and last chance to earn a position with the Seattle Seahawks.

Seattle signed strong safety Jamar Adams on April 27, following the 2008 NFL Draft. Adams was not drafted, despite pro talent and a successful college career at Michigan. The 2008 NFL Draft was not top-heavy with safety talent, but it was deep, including eight players that have since started. Adams slipped through the cracks, but his talent could play on Sunday.

He has spent two seasons on the Seahawks practice squad. In those two seasons, Adams has been recalled to play in seven regular season games. He hasn't established himself, but 2010 could be the season he does. Or, with his practice squad eligibility spent, it could be the end of the road.

Football is not like baseball. In baseball, a good hitter will presumably be good no matter what team he plays for or who his coach is. In football, a safety is not a safety. The responsibilities of a strong safety in one coach's scheme can vary greatly from the responsibilities of a strong safety in another coach's scheme.

Adams is an in-the-box thumper that struggles in coverage. You can see him here turning Tim Tebow into a tackling dummy. Pete Carroll makes no bones about his emphasis on competition, his scheme favors a larger, enforcer-type strong safety, and the Seahawks strong safety position is open for the winning. This could be the season Adams finally secures a position on the roster. He is a dark horse, but one worth watching, and a big part of what looks like an exciting position battle that will rage throughout the pre-season.