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Seahawks Training Camp: Avoiding Injuries Key

Building unity, trust and team chemistry is vital in training camp, but almost as vital is avoiding injuries. Injuries can undermine unity, nullify trust and botch the formula for chemistry. Injuries are a shotgun full of disharmony aimed at an NFL team’s intangibles, and smart football fans know intangibles make the difference in the ultimate parity league.


Seattle has suffered numerous and costly injuries in previous training camps. Last season, Seattle lost Marcus Trufant to a back injury. It also lost offensive line stalwart Chris Spencer and his two-fisted snapping. The psychological damage was great. The secondary was out of sorts without their Pro Bowl corner—directionless and guessing. The offensive line lost continuity, and continuity is a literal sixth starter.


This year, the Seahawks hope to overcome attrition and vault unity-ravaging injuries like Justin Forsett vaults linebackers. Perhaps through toughness and the wherewithal to survive injuries, the Seahawks can prevent injuries that challenge their toughness. And only by avoiding injuries can the Seahawks prove the mettle of their intangibles.