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A Sonics Shoutout & Ode To Sun Cameos From The Blue Scholars

I have yet to hear a Seattle Sonics fan suggest that they've heard enough talk of their now-relocated team.

So a Sonics shoutout with a hip-hop flavor is more than welcome.

Local hip-hop duo Blue Scholars performed the above song with an entire verse devoted to the Sonics at the Capitol Hill Block Party this past weekend, as described by the KEXP blog. Shockingly, neither Jim McIlvaine nor Saer Sene managed to get a mention.

More from the KEXP blog:

Live Video: Blue Scholars @ Capitol Hill Block Party
Live from the Caffe Vita Bean Room during the 2010 Capitol Hill Block Party, Seattle’s preeminent hip hop duo Blue Scholars joined host Larry Mizell Jr. on KEXP’s Streets Sounds last Sunday night. DJ/producer Sabzi and MC Geologic brought four brand new songs and announced for the first time publicly the name of their new album: Cinemetropolis. Check out these new joints now!

Basketball fandom aside, the four songs are solid and in case you're in need of a 2010 Seattle summer anthem, Blue Scholars has one of those as well on their website.

NEW TRACK: Blue Scholars "Summertime in the SEA" | Blue Scholars
Last year, I attempted to do a mixtape/freeverse type song using the “Summertime in the LBC” instrumental. Miserable fail. Soon as I turned the mic on, I’d hear the original vocals over and over in my head. So I just started singing that instead, changing some of the lyrics along the way. Then I sent it to a few friends and forgot all about it. A year passed, and The Sun started making cameos again in our gray little city, along with requests to put out a mixed-down version of the song.

So here it is. Our tribute to summer in Seattle, and an homage to what I believe to be the finest summertime song of my generation. From my birthplace (LBC) to my nowplace (Seattle), to anywhere people of the sun gather to celebrate its presence.

All-in-all, certainly enough to keep the spirit of the Sonics alive, stay excited about summer for as long as the sun makes its annual "cameo", and get excited about Cinemetropolis.