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Seahawks Sign Chester Pitts

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Veteran zone-blocking guard and former Texan, Chester PItts, has signed with the Seattle Seahawks. Seattle cut defensive end Robert Henderson to accommodate the addition of Pitts. Henderson was part of the rather meager haul Seattle received in exchange for Rob Sims and a seventh-round pick.


Pitts has been connected to the Seahawks throughout the off-season, but has remained a free agent. Concerns linger about the long term health of his knee, but today’s signing proves he is at least capable of practicing.


That might be the summation of Pitts Seattle experience, unfortunately. The guard underwent microfracture knee surgery less than a year ago. The procedure often takes two years to fully recover from, and success among players as massive as Pitts is practically unheard of. That he can work out tells us little about how well he can recover from the wear and tear of colliding with other human beings for a living.


The signing of Pitts, should he be retained, almost certainly removes any chance of the Seahawks recouping compensatory picks next season. It’s easy to laud the front office improving its depth on the offensive line, and if Pitts is healthy enough, signing him adds a seven-year starter to the fold, but considering his injury history, the money invested in signing him and the potential of losing a draft pick, it’s hard to understand the reasoning behind this signing.