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Storm vs. Shock Game Preview & Game Thread At SBN's Swish Appeal: The Mystery Of The Third Quarter

A storyline to watch — or perhaps a time to get up and get refreshments — is that the Shock strangely seem to struggle during the third quarter. Consistently, as in almost all the time.

From the game thread at SBN’s Swish Appeal:

Freelantz pretty much laid out one of the biggest and most mystifying thing about the Shock’s season: the quarter that occurs after halftime.

Game preview: Tulsa’s five things to watch as Shock (4-18) takes on Seattle (19-2) – Swish Appeal
…the third quarter meltdown. It’s like a different team arrives on the court to start the second half, in almost every game Tulsa has played. Everyone sees it and knows it, the players and coaches continue to try to rectify the issue and nothing appears to work. Personally, I’d like to move to either a) ban third quarters all together or b) change their name to something other than ‘third quarter’. Pretty please.

No official word from the Storm, but I suspect the third quarter will not be banned in KeyArena prior to game time.