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Ljungberg Watch: Speculation Becomes Rumor Becomes Report

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I confess, I did not go to Sounders practice today. I had to go collect blueberries instead. I know. I apologize. Because it turns out, something big did transpire at practice, and had I not gone blueberry pickin’, I would have been able to tweet you guys about it at least five minutes earlier!


According to Joshua Mayers of the Seattle Times, Sounders technical director Chris Henderson has confirmed that Freddie Ljungberg is “exploring options to leave the club”. This isn’t a huge surprise—his contract is done at the end of the season, he hasn’t enjoyed his time at MLS, and--let's face it--the team isn’t having the best season.


Ljungberg didn’t travel to DC United. He didn’t play against Celtic. He’s had a couple knocks, be they real or imagined. It’s been evident over the past week that something’s brewing. But now that it’s been confirmed, what happens?


Freddie leaving frees up cap space. If the Sounders are really making a last-ditch effort at the playoffs, it’s time to let go of Ljungberg and pursue options quickly. Defense may not be sexy, but if we don’t get scored upon, it’s much more difficult for a team to walk away with three points. Impossible, in fact. Ljungberg walks away, Seattle shores up its defense, we allow Fredy Montero to play in a withdrawn striker role and…well, it won’t be magic, but the play will be much better than it has been.