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Agler on Bird's injury status: "To me that's behind us...right now, I'd say she's playing."

Sue Bird practiced today and by all accounts she looked good enough to return to game action tomorrow.

“Her shot and everything is still there,” said Swin Cash after this morning’s practice. “It’s not like she’s not been completely practicing or whatever, so I mean I think she’ll be fine.”

Although Bird and coach Brian Agler hadn’t spoken about playing as of the end of practice today, the fact that she practiced makes it sound likely that she’ll play tomorrow.

“She practiced today,” said Agler. “I mean, you never know — no one knew what was going to happen in Tulsa either. So, to me that’s behind us and we get ready for her to play tomorrow and if something else happens and she can’t then she doesn’t. But right now, I’d say she’s playing.”