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Erik Bedard Throws 4+ Innings in Tacoma

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Erik Bedard, the Seattle Mariners’ pitcher that best exemplifies fragility, took to the mound in a rehab start for the Tacoma Rainiers last night. He faced nineteen batters and enjoyed perfect threes: three hits given up, three walks and three strikeouts.


Bedard hasn’t had a start for Seattle in nearly a year, but he’s set to return next Thursday against the Kansas City Royals. The Mariners’ favorite Canadian may have only gone 4 1/3 innings, but he’s throwing the ball hard enough, with the radar gun showing around 90.


In a rotation with two incredible pitchers followed by three others that either make us snore or tear out our hair, fans are ready to welcome Bedard back. But we’d love to keep Cliff Lee, as well.