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Impromptu Trip To Safeco?

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Am I nuts? I might be nuts. I am strongly considering hitting the road and making an impromptu trip to Seattle to watch Felix and the official first start of Justin Smoak. Could there be a better night of baseball? Well of course. It could mean something. But this game is meaningful insomuch that it’s a landmark, a pronounced first step towards the future of the franchise. Smoak and Hernandez could be the cornerstones of the next great team.


I haven’t watched a Mariners game since last season. It was an Ian Snell start and an absolute nightmare of a game. It’s the first and only, and I am ashamed to admit this, it was the first and only game I have ever walked out on. I was excited to attend training camp in the morning and didn’t want to be any more sleep deprived than absolutely necessary. Besides, what a dog. What a mutt. What disaster of a start by Snell and a terrible, uncompetitive, sloppy showing from the Mariners.


Well, it’s a long drive and my decision time is near. Anyone else strongly considering attending tonight’s game?