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Seahawks Trade Targets And Rumors In A Nutshell: Marshawn Lynch

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Remember when Mike Myers said “No, this is me in a nutshell,” then mimed like he was in a nutshell and said “Help! I am in a nutshell!”? Remember? And we made him a millionaire.


Player: Beef Moat.
Likelihood Of Trade: Hard to say. On the one hand, he provides little value to the Bills and though most teams would consider his contract a bargain, the Bills are cheaper than your dad and have a lot of payroll dedicated to running back. On the other, he is inexpensive, C.J. Spiller is a “weapon” more so than a three-down back, and should Fred Jackson return to Earth, the Bills would be strapped to fill out their committee. Brian Galliford doesn’t buy it and he has a keen sense of the Bills decision making.
Does Seattle Need Him: Justin Forsett and Leon Washington are both likely to be healthy for the regular season and both are more-valuable-per-rush runners than Lynch, but both are small. Maybe that does not actually matter, but it seems to matter to many coaches. Seattle has, seemingly, an excess of lightning and a lack of thunder. And who wants 130,000 degree Fahrenheit bursts of awesome like this …



when you can have the noisy byproduct?
How Much Will He Cost: Lynch is a first round pick made good, well, kind of good, that is cheap and young, and that Buffalo is in no rush to trade. He also has a lengthy legal history, a bad reputation, is no longer a starter, was suspended three games in 2009 and is thought to be in line for an even more severe suspension should he screw up again. So, you see, he could cost a lot or a little, and if he costs a lot, it’s a gamble. A bad gamble.