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Seahawks Trade Targets And Rumors In A Nutshell: Albert Haynesworth

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Hello, SB Nation Seattle. Today I attempt something I wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot clown pole on Field Gulls: trade rumors. We love 'em. We hate 'em. Whatever we feel, we are victim to their suspense, because no matter how bogus ... oh what if?


Player: Albert Haynesworth
Likelihood Of Trade: Very high. Haynesworth excels at alienating franchises and teammates almost as much as he excels at forcing double teams and stomping downed opponents. He is a somewhat rough fit for the Redskins' new 3-4, is very expensive and both sides are so deep in brinkmanship, it’s hard to see this resolving without Haynesworth leaving.
Does Seattle Need Him: Not entirely, no. From a pure talent standpoint, Haynesworth could improve most teams in the NFL, but Seattle has two defensive tackles already likely competing for the position Haynesworth would fill: Colin Cole and Kevin Vickerson. Vickerson was acquired in trade and Cole was signed last season. Neither player is particularly good, and Haynesworth would be an upgrade, but it is not truly a priority position to improve. Also, Seattle seems to be building a line that is somewhat 3-4 in nature and Haynesworth might again be marginalized.
How Much Will He Cost: Tough to say. On the one hand, a trade seems imminent and that weakens the Redskins position. On the other, Haynesworth is every bit the kind of singular, push-a-team-over-the-top talent as Brandon Marshall. The timing of the move, a soft market and a history of injury might mean Haynesworth is available for some package headlined by a second round pick.