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Welcome To SB Nation Seattle

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Did you cheer for USA soccer? Do you cheer though you were not a soccer fan? Was there something about knowing the good guys, the opponent and the prize that made a sport you never watched, haven't watched for years, or decided you do not like, suddenly exciting, enthralling, heart-stopping, breathtaking?


It's irrational. You grow up in Seattle or about, or you're born here and move, or some time, for some reason, you fall in love with a Seattle team and you follow them the rest of your life.


It's irrational. It takes your money. It breaks your heart. It punishes your loyalty. And you return. And return. And return for more loss, pain and betrayal.


Well, we're pretty irrational here too. We're fans, and though we can't make Cliff Lee stay, or undo XL, or tar and feather Clay Bennett, we can commiserate. SB Nation Seattle is Seattle sports fans talking Seattle sports. We exist somewhere between the hardcore obsession found at venerable blogs like Sounder at Heart, Lookout Landing and UW Dawg Pound, and the broad but shallow coverage that typifies mainstream media. We are a last outpost of semi-rational coverage before the void; a place to find the good guys, the opponent and the prize.