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Will World Cup Translate To MLS?

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I am not a fan of the beautiful game. Soccer, we sometimes call it. I am not a brute. I don’t dismiss soccer or imply that it is boring. I rather enjoy it when I watch it, but in all honesty, I am not a fan. I don’t make time to watch it. I don’t follow any particular team, though that might change with the Timbers joining MLS. But despite my ignorance and lack of passion, I couldn’t deny the U.S. National team on their run in the World Cup.


So the question becomes, will I, will people like me, springboard from their interest in the World Cup and begin following soccer? It didn’t happen for me after an exciting USA-Canada showdown at the Olympics. I enjoy hockey quite a bit more than soccer, but without a team, without regular access to watch, my interest shriveled.


Though I am not alone, I may be uncommon. Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals earned the highest ratings of any NHL game since 1974. So I put it to you: Where did you start this year as a soccer fan? Has the World Cup piqued your interest? If you, like me, enjoy the sport but are not maybe a fan, was the last few weeks exciting enough to change your relationship with football?