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Alex Liddi In Futures Game

Seattle needs a new third baseman. One that can hit. One that isn’t Jose Lopez. Depending on the development of Dustin Ackley, the Mariners might eventually be able to move Chone Figgins back to third. Until then, it would be nice to have a bona fide talent at third base.


Could it be Alex Liddi?


Liddi burst on the scene with a huge season at high-A High Desert. High Desert is known for bloating batting lines, but after a promotion to West Tennessee, Liddi is still posting a solid line: 290/360/467. His strikeout rate is worrisome, 65 in 259 at-bats, but much of his power has carried over. 29 of his 75 his have gone for extra bases.


Liddi, along with fellow Mariners prospect Carlos Peguero, will play in the 2010 Futures Game. The event takes place July 11, begins at 3pm PDT and will be broadcast on ESPN2 and MLB.TV. It is Liddi’s second appearance at the Futures Game. Liddi will play for the “World” representing Italy. Baseball America calls him “by far the best Italian prospect ever.” And though that might say more about the Boot and it’s relationship with baseball than Liddi, greatest anything is typically good. Maybe Liddi can do something like this and give us all a little hope in an otherwise dark time for Mariners baseball.