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Felix Starts As Mariners Attempt To Win Seventh Straight, Sweep The Cubs

Right when all reasonable hope for the season died, Seattle started winning. Go figure. They have won six in a row and are contending for their second series sweep today. The Mariners are 10-10 since Ken Griffey Jr.'s retirement, and arbitrary but notable landmark, and have fattened up as recent in interleague play. They are 7-4 against interleague opponents in June and 8-6 overall. For a team that is 30-41 overall, that is like a 20 game win streak. Of course, the second a ray of light entered the world of the benighted Mariners, the Rangers hit the easiest part of their schedule and began running away with the division.

Felix Hernandez takes the hill today as the Mariners attempt to sweep the hapless Cubs. It may not matter to this season, but you never know.