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MLB Winter Meetings: Seattle Mariners Shopping In The Bargain Bin

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The MLB winter meetings are underway and the Seattle Mariners are on the hunt. The big free agents will steal the headlines, with Cliff Lee's services the big prize of the meetings in Florida. The Mariners, however, are not expected to be big players, instead opting to snoop around for bargains and fill holes in the lineup. Rumors? We've got 'em.

First and foremost, this will be a stream to track the rumors and, potentially, any deals made during the winter meetings. But, as always, for in-depth analysis, timely information and an excellent dose of humor, check out SB Nation's Lookout Landing. Jeff Sullivan has been doing outstanding work, both at Lookout Landing and SB Nation, following the winter meetings and breaking-down the "action."

With two days in the books, where do the Mariners stand? In a puddle of excitement and retreads, with some kind of deal imminent, it appears. In a meeting with the Seattle media today, general manager Jack Zduriencik hinted a deal may be imminent, or it may not.

Jack Z on being close to possible deals: "I'd say it's possible. There are some nice dialogues going."

Jack Z: "That's not a promise something is going to happen. But they are at the point where something could happen."

As always, Zduriencik is being tight-lipped about the proceedings. The reporters, however, are scrounging for leads at all hours. This afternoon, the name of the day connected to the Mariners became Luis Valbuena. 710 ESPN's Shannon Drayer, citing a source, said the Mariners are targeting the Cleveland Indians' second baseman. The Mariners should know Valbuena well, as he came up through the organization before being traded to the Indians.

In other Mariners retread news, Seattle is also targeting Miguel Olivo to fill a void at the catcher spot. Olivo spent time in the Mariners' organization after coming over from Chicago in the Freddy Garcia trade. Since then, he's bounced around nearly everywhere, making his last stop in Toronto following the 2010 season. Olivo became a free-agent after declining the Blue Jays' arbitration offer.

At the winter meetings, anything can happen. A trade or free agency signing may be imminent for the Mariners, or it may not. It could be a blockbuster or it could be a "meh" signing. In the meantime, the best part of the meetings, the speculation, will continue. We'll be here to follow all the action as it develops.

Stay tuned to this StoryStream for more on the Winter Meetings. Be sure to check out SB Nation's Lookout Landing for all the latest Mariners news and analysis.