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NFL Power Rankings Week 14: Seattle Seahawks, St. Louis Rams Battle For Best Of The Worst

The Seattle Seahawks took to Qwest Field on Sunday in an attempt to right the ship against the Carolina Panthers. After a slow start, the Seahawks did just that, dropping the Panthers behind 21 third quarter points, 31-14. With the Seahawks sliding in most NFL power rankings, where did they land after Week 14? The SB Nation NFL power rankings are out, and it's good news for the Seahawks, though the St. Louis Rams continue to put up a fight.

Starting at the bottom, it's easy to find the four NFC West teams. For the second week in a row, the Arizona Cardinals are bringing up the rear, checking in at No. 32. It doesn't appear to be getting any better for Arizona, as the Cardinals' quarterback situation is getting worse by the minute.

John Skelton may be starting at quarterback next week for the Cardinals. You know, John Skelton? This season is getting worse for Arizona. LW: 32

The San Francisco 49ers, a trendy preseason pick, continue to struggle in the 2010 season. At 4-8, the 49ers would be out of the playoff picture in most divisions. Not so in the NFC West, where San Francisco still has a shot at the title and a home playoff game. The 49ers check in at No. 26 in the power rankings, within striking distance of the top-two NFC West teams.

Jed York still thinks the 49ers can win the NFC West. You know what the saddest part is? Even at 4-8, there's some truth to that. The 49ers are two games out with four to play. LW: 24

Finally, we get to the real battle in the division. The Seattle Seahawks and St. Louis Rams are going toe-to-toe for division supremacy. How bad is it in the NFC West? The NFL is talking about re-seeding the playoffs in the future, perhaps not guaranteeing a home game to division winners. At No. 22, the Rams are neck-and-neck with the Seahawks, setting up a final week showdown for the division title.

Sam Bradford is moving along nicely in his rookie season, especially the last month. Like Seattle, the Rams just need to keep pace with the Seahawks to give them a shot in Week 17. LW: 23

The Seahawks stayed put at No. 21 in Week 14 after holding serve with a win over the Panthers. Should Seattle and St. Louis keep it up, we're looking at a nail-biting finish to the season at Qwest Field in Week 17.

I have yet to figure this team out. They're 24th on offense and 21st in defense. They've yet to win (or lose) more than two games in a row. They just need to give themselves a shot in Week 17 when they meet the Rams. LW: 21