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Bowl Projections: Final Pac-10 Bowl Predictions

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The regular season is over and it's time to go bowling. With bowls to be announced today, let's take one last look at the Pac-10 bowl picture. Overall, it's been a down year for the Pac-10, with only four teams eligible for a bowl. Two of those teams -- Washington and Arizona -- are just barely eligible, sitting at 6-6. To balance it out, Stanford and Oregon have been flat dominant, and are each in line for a BCS bowl game. Oregon, at 12-0, has a date with the Auburn Tigers at the BCS National Championship Game.

BCS National Championship (Glendale, Arizona): Oregon vs. Auburn

Orange Bowl: Stanford vs. Virginia Tech

Alamo Bowl: Arizona vs. Oklahoma State

Holiday Bowl: Washington vs. Missouri

Sun Bowl: Empty

Las Vegas Bowl: Empty

Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl: Empty

With Arizona and Washington both at 6-6, the Alamo Bowl has a choice between the two teams. It's a coin-flip at this point for the Alamo Bowl, with no indications of which way they're leaning. Washington won its last three games to close out the season. Arizona lost its last four to end the 2010 campaign. The Wildcats, however, did blow out the Huskies in Tucson earlier in the year.

With Oregon in the BCS National Championship Game, the Rose Bowl will likely take TCU to fill the spot Oregon left open. At No. 4 in the BCS rankings, Stanford is guaranteed a BCS bowl and should head to the Orange Bowl.

Sadly, it was a down year for the conference, and the bowl projections reflect that. With three bowl tie-ins left unfulfilled, the Pac-10 takes a hit, though it is offset by the two BCS teams.