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Ron Santo, Former Cubs Player And Broadcaster, Passes At Age 70

Former Chicago Cubs third basemen and broadcaster Ron Santo has passed away from complications of bladder cancer at age 70. Santo, one of the all-time great Cubs, played for the Cubs from 1960-1973, picking up nine all-star appearances during his major league career. Santo, however, was never inducted into the Hall of Fame and is regarded as one of the best players not enshrined in Cooperstown.

Following his career on the field, Santo moved to the booth in 1990, where he was a long-time broadcaster for WGN, home of the Chicago Cubs. It was his enthusiasm for the game, and especially for the Cubs, that revered him to Cub fans.

Santo was born in Seattle and attended Franklin High School. It was at age 18 that Santo was diagnosed with his first major medical condition, diabetes. He carried that through the rest of his life, overcoming the diagnosis to have a full and flourishing playing career. As he grew older, his health diminished, with the broadcaster eventually losing both legs to amputation in the early 2000s.

Franklin High School honored Santo, inducting him into the Franklin Hall of Fame.