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Pro Bowl Voting Announced: No Seattle Seahawks In Sight

The Pro Bowl fan vote was announced on Wednesday and, as expected, no Seattle Seahawks are in sight. With nearly 100 million votes cast, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady leads the way in 2010, pickup up nearly 1.9 million votes. Considering his past, it's somewhat surprising Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mike Vick leads the way in the NFC, picking up 1.5 million votes. Vick, however, has surely earned the Pro Bowl nod with his stellar, and electrifying, performance on the field this season.

The Seahawks have struggled through a disappointing season, though they still remain in the thick of the playoff race. With the NFC West in such poor shape, it's no surprise the Pro Bowl fan vote features zero Seahawks and only one player from the NFC West. That player? Arizona Cardinals punter Ben Graham. That tells you all you need to know about the division.

The NFC list is dominated by three teams, with multiple players from the Atlanta Falcons, Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers receiving nods. The Packers lead the way with four players garnering the most votes at their positions.

Pro Bowl teams will be announced on Dec. 28. The Pro Bowl will be played on Jan. 30, 2011 at Sun Life Stadium, just one week ahead of the Super Bowl.