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Ryan Leaf Inks Book Deal, Will Write A Trilogy

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Former Washington State Cougar Ryan Leaf signed a three-part book deal with Crimson Oak on Monday and will publish the story of his rise and fall. Leaf, a star at quarterback for the Cougars, suffered a very public fall from grace after leaving Pullman a year early for the NFL Draft. After his disappointing stint in San Diego, Leaf moved onto coaching before running afoul of the law and, finally, getting his life together.

With all the trials and tribulations Leaf's been through, one book clearly wasn't going to be enough. From his college days, and allegations of impropriety with an NFL agent, to his post-NFL issues, Leaf has plenty of stories to tell. With he speak out about Sports Illustrated's Confessions of an Agent? What will we learn about his addictions and burglary convictions?

As a graduate of Washington State University that grew up a fan of Leaf, I'll be interested to see how he handles the three books. No matter what your feelings about the guy, it's good to see him get his life back on track after such a stunning fall.