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College Basketball Rankings: Washington, Washington State And Gonzaga Outside The AP Top-25

The AP Top-25 is out and the three local schools are outside the top-25, but all three received votes. The Washington Huskies, at 7-3, checked-in with 49 votes, tied for 27th with Vanderbilt. The Huskies played once in the last week, easily dispatching San Francisco at home, 80-52.

With a win over Baylor, ranked No. 9 at the time, the Gonzaga Bulldogs pulled themselves back into the others receiving votes category. After a three-game losing streak -- to Illinois, Washington State and Notre Dame -- the Bulldogs fought back, dropping the Baylor Bears on Saturday, 68-64. It was a great, signature win for the Bulldogs, and the voters rewarded them with three votes this week.

The Washington State Cougars have been on a tear since their first, and only, loss of the season. After the Cougars dropped a close-game to Kansas State at home, Washington State picked up steam, winning its next three games. Last night, the Cougars returned from a finals week break to fight back for a road win over Santa Clara in overtime, 85-79. Like Gonzaga, Washington State picked-up three votes in this weeks AP Poll.

Here's the full AP Poll, courtesy of SB Nation's Joe Kutsunis.

1 Duke (64)
2 Ohio State (1)
3 Kansas
4 Connecticut
5 Syracuse
6 Pittsburgh
7 San Diego State
8 Villanova
9 Missouri
10 Georgetown
11 Kansas State
12 Michigan State
13 Kentucky
14 Purdue
15 Baylor
16 Memphis
17 Minnesota
18 Texas
19 Tennessee
20 Florida
21 Illinois
22 Notre Dame
23 Brigham Young
24 UCF
25 Texas A&M