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UW President Slams Scott Woodward, Demands Apology In Letter

Washington athletic director Scott Woodward ruffled some feathers -- get it? Ducks-- with his statements ahead of Saturday's UW-Oregon football game. On Dave "Softy" Mahler's radio show, Woodward called Oregon's academics "an embarrassment" while saying it was a shame what a lack of state funding had done to them. The interim president at the University of Washington, Phyllis Wise, wasn't happy about it. In a letter obtained by the Seattle Times, and published on Bob Condotta's blog, Wise reprimands Woodward and demands he apologize to Oregon's president and athletic director.

As I said to you yesterday, it is inappropriate for a university leader, who understands the importance of collegiality and respect, to criticize publicly another institution's quality.
I believe an apology is in order. In addition to the statement you issued yesterday, I am requesting that you personally apologize to the president and athletic director at the University of Oregon.

The letter is the equivalent of being called to the principal's office and given 10 lashings for Woodward. Already dealing with the public backlash from his comments, Woodward now has to deal with the critical eye of his own university -- a university that should be embarrassed by his words.