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WAC Expanstion: Seattle University SItuation Still Unresolved

In the last update, I attributed a report about Seattle University being “crossed off the list” to Dan McCarney of

But to clarify, McCartney was only relaying information from Jay Walker of ESPN 1420 in Lafayette, Louisiana:

Odd man out in the WAC expansion appears to be Seattle University.  Newspaper reports indicated Seattle would be a part of the WAC expansion plans, but the WAC has chosen to be a nine team conference (eight for football) and wait until Montana is ready to make the move.

However, as stated in McCartney’s article, his sources say that nothing is settled at this point.

Western still waiting, according to sources
At this point, with at least three or four different scenarios floating around the blogosphere, picking the winner seems akin to throwing darts against the wall.

All I can do is trust my sources, and they’re telling me the same thing: no news at this time.

All we have heard from Seattle U is that they’ve neither received an invite nor a site visit at this time, which is probably further evidence that a final decision has yet to be made.

Our apologies to McCartney and Walker for the misattribution.